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Ever 2010


Georgios KONTADAKIS, Greece - The effect of riboflavin mediated corneal

crosslinking on corneal hydration

Mustafa Koray GUMUS, USA - Anterior segment optical coherence tomography

AS-OCT: a novel diagnostic instrument for conjunctivochalasis

Preeti SANKARAN, India - Factors influencing donor cornea utilization in a tertiary care centre: results from 5-year data





Ever 2009, Potoroz, Slovenia


Jared AMENT, USA: To assess the sustainability of the Type I Boston Keratoprosthesis in the developing world and report 18-month follow-up data on the International Boston Keratoprosthesis Study Group pilot project in Ethiopian.
Stefano BARABINO, Italy : The aim of our study was to test the hypothesis that the use of cell culture medium can increase the number of cells obtained by impression cytology (IC) sampling of the conjunctiva in dry eye patients, and make the analysis of epithelial and lymphocyte cell populations with flow cytometry possible.

Antonia DEMESTICHA, Greece: Laser correction of ametropias is achieved by changing the radius of curvature of a central portion of the cornea. Although current refractive laser technology allows relative uniform correction across an optical zone larger than the scotopic pupil it must be kept in mind that centration of the ablation pattern pertains only to objects on the line of sight. Off-axis objects are imaged not only through the corrected portion of the cornea but additionally through a meniscus of paracentral cornea involving the transition zone as well as untreated cornea. It was the purpose of this study to investigate the role of this optical effect in the peripheral visual fields in patients undergoing photorefractive keratectomy.





Ever 2008, Portoroz, Slovenia


Ammar Miri, UK Evaluate results of limbal stem cell transplantation (LSCT) in patients with ocular surface (OS) disease.

Waldir Neira, Finland Assess changes in morphology, corneal topography and sensitivity in a family with inherited recurrent corneal erosion syndrome.

Liza Vera, France Mesenchymal stem cells show promising results in cell therapy for many medical fields. Aimed to study their fate when transplanted in the inflammatory corneal environnement: survival, migration towards the injured tissues, differenciation.





Ever 2006, Vilamoura, Portugal


Mario Nubile, In vivo confocal microscopy in limbal epithelial damage, Chieti, Italy?Felix Bock, Inhibition of inflammatory corneal lymphangiogenesis by an anti-VEGFR3 antibody (mF4-31C1), Erlangen, Germany?Rita Barcia, Gene therapy promotes corneal graft survival, Boston, USA





Ever 2005, Vilamoura, Portugale


Bves Regulates Corneal Epithelial Monolayer Formation. CHANG MS (1), BADER DM (2)(1) Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Vanderbilt University, Nashville,TN; (2) Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Protection of endothelial cell death against oxidative stress during acute corneal graft rejection. BOURGES J-L (1, 2, 3), VALAMANESH F (2), RENARD G (4), DEKOZAK Y (2), BENEZRA D (5, 2), BEHAR-COHEN F (2, 6) (1) Hotel-Dieu Hospital, Paris; (2) U598, INSERM, Paris; (3) Paris-Descartes University, Paris; (4) HTtel-Dieu Hospital, Paris; (5) Ophthalmology, Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem; (6) Ophthalmology, Rothschild Ophthalmic Foundation, Paris

Immunomodulatory Role of VIP in a Murine Model of P. aeruginosa-Induced Keratitis. SZLITER EA, LIGHVANI S, HAZLETT LD Anatomy & Cell Biology, Detroit


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