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Tfos Reports: International Workshop on Contact Lens Discomfort (CLD)

 Contact lens discomfort: what is it, why does it occur and how can it be treated?

Contact lens discomfort (CLD) may be the leading cause of patient dissatisfaction with, and discontinuation of, contact lens wear throughout the world — but there is little agreement among vision researchers and eye care professionals about how to define and manage its causes. 



The TFOS International Workshop on Contact Lens Discomfort Report is freely available to scientists and clinicians worldwide. Complete or partial translations of the report will be offered in numerous languages.







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TFOS CLDW Report Slides‏

Slide Index

> TFOS CLDW - Introduction

> TFOS CLDW - Definition & classification

> TFOS CLDW - Epidemiology

> TFOS CLDW - Materials & solutions

> TFOS CLDW - Neurobiology

> TFOS CLDW - Ocular surface interactions

> TFOS CLDW - Tear film interactions

> TFOS CLDW - Clinical Trials

> TFOS CLDW - Management & therapy


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